The Unbridled Path

The Unbridled Path

A bridle path is a trail traversed by equines and their riders. As an avid equestrian since youth, the idea of a path where horses have right of way always spoke to me. In forging my own path, I resonate with the idea that each of us have the right of way in our own individual lives; not as a license to encroach upon others or trespass into decisions not our own - but to live on our own terms.

But the untamed nature calls to me, and it is this aspect that I wish to foster in myself. A bridle, although often necessary to ride, sometimes becomes synonymous with subduing or controlling the animal. We too can easy become bridled by fear, or the standards of a society dictated by it, and my wish is for this to be a space to forge a path unbridled by the restraints of mediocrity.

For so long, I have kept ideas and dreams tucked away in my heart and mind, and this is a space to finally share their manifestations.

In 2018, one of my goals is to try something new at least once per week. New skills, new knowledge, new friends are welcome by-products, but my internal intention is growth and transformation. This is a heart project.

I have thought of several activities I would like to do, and I know many more will manifest spontaneously over the course of the year. I am not seeking come-and-go experiences in this project, I am seeking transformation, or experiences that bring growth within myself. For that reason, when I speak to 'new' activities, they might include things I have done before and am exploring a new approach to, they might include 'soft' activities like choosing to shift a long-present pattern, and they might include external activities - in the traditional sense of 'trying new things' - that promote internal growth.

Although I might enjoy, and partake in, fun undertakings that are more come-and-go experiences, I will always prioritize movements in my life that promote shift, transformation, love, understanding, and moving from imprint, or conditioned nature, towards blueprint, who we are at the soul-level.

This project is intended to cultivate tiny steps to vulnerability...with others, but most importantly, with myself and those closest to me. Some of these activities are dreams of mine, and all are simply opportunities I want to take to deepen my understanding of life and what it means to live.

I am fortunate to be able to commit to this endeavor - to live a life where I am able to release self-imposed limits to my personal growth by engaging in the unfamiliar. Many of these activities come with a monetary price tag, although I could find a year's worth of opportunities that don't, and I recognize that I am able to do this by the privilege of life circumstances.

Personal growth does not have to be limited by any material obstacle, and can often be enhanced by lack of material resources. I am choosing to commit myself to this process of unfolding, among others, because I am able to use this means to foster inner growth, and because I believe it will assist me in releasing a pattern of hiding myself and holding back.

My personality is generally reserved, which I do not seek to change, but there is also a conditioned layer that is driven by fear of risk and judgement, and it's time for me to let it go. This is an external means to an internal mission. It is my hope this project will help me, in more depth,  come to myself and will catalyze mes rêves se réaliser - my dreams to come true. I sincerely hope this endeavor inspires my readers as well.

A note about the language: I'm taking a course with roots in polarity therapy that has deeply impacted my life. Two words I find myself using more and more, and have used here already, are imprint and blueprint. Put simply, imprints are the conditionings, traumas, patterns, and 'flavorings' we take on. Blueprint is the all-encompassing field that allows everything to move in resonance, letting us experience our unadulterated, individual nature in harmony with all else. More here.

I have noticed that this terminology speaks most to what I am often trying to say with my thoughts in everyday life, and while using this language, I am making every effort to write in a relatable way inclusive of everyone.

This world, still full of beauty, is increasingly becoming a minefield of violence, and I seek the blessings and protection of all my guides throughout this endeavor and throughout this life.

Que tous vos rêves se réalisent

Week 1: California Wolf Center

Week 1: California Wolf Center