Hello, my name is Nisha.

A bridle path is a trail traversed by equines and their riders. As an avid equestrian since youth, the idea of a path where horses have right of way always spoke to me.

In forging my own path, I resonate with the idea that each of us has the right of way in our own individual lives; not as a license to encroach upon others or trespass into decisions not our own — but to live on our own terms.

In horses, and in myself, the untamed nature calls to me, and it is this wilderness that I wish to foster in myself. A bridle, although often necessary to ride, sometimes becomes synonymous with subduing or controlling the animal.

We too can easy become bridled by fear, or the standards of a society dictated by it, and my wish is for this to be a space to share experiences in forging a path unbridled by the restraints of mediocrity.

Go here to read the full description of my intention for this year-long project.